ICANN Meeting Fellowships

Fellowship Application ICANN62

Frequently Asked Questions

What is permanent home mailing address?

If selected and successfully complete the program, ICANN will mail your certificate of completion after the meeting. ICANN uses DHL service, which requires a physical address (house or apt number, city, country mailing code) that can receive metered mail service. Post Office Boxes are not able to receive delivery from DHL.

A permanent home mailing address is NOT an email address.

An example of acceptable home address would be:

11 Main Street, Anytown, Any Country 12345

If you do not have such an address, consider receiving the certificate at your work/school mailing address which you will fill in below.

How do I know if my country is eligible?

The Fellowship Program is a means tested program. Applicants must be citizens of economically eligible countries. We use a combination of the World Bank classification of low, lower-middle, and upper-middle economies, along with two (2) UN groupings of developing and least developed nations:http://www.unohrlls.org/en/sids/44/,http://www.unohrlls.org/en/ldc/25/ which are based on distinctly different criteria that stretch beyond the World Bank's economically deterministic view. If your country of residence is NOT in the World Bank classification or one of the designated eligible UN nations, it will not be listed on this application. IF you are not a resident of a less-developed or developing country but are able to complete your application, that application will be reviewed by staff to determine if it is indeed eligible per the program criteria.

What is required for the passport page picture?

A copy of the first page of your passport can not be empty or exceed 5MB, and can only be uploaded in the following formats: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .ppt, .pptx, .docx and .doc. If for any reason, you do not have access to a valid passport within the window of time allotted for the application process, you may upload a valid photo identification, such as a government issued I.D. However, if selected into the program, you will need to show evidence of a valid passport immediately, in order for ICANN to proceed with the booking of your travel itinerary.

What is the Work/School Mailing Address?

Your working, or business address, is the physical location that metered mail is delivered at your place of business. If you are temporarily attending school away from your country or region, add that information here.

It is NOT an email address.

An example of acceptable working address would be:

11 Main Street, Any Town, Any Country 12345

What is a letter of support for the Newcomer Coach Program?

Those who have never been selected to be an ICANN fellow - you are NOT required to upload a Letter of Support: Skip this Section. A letter of support is only required if you are an Alumni of the ICANN Fellowship Program and would like to perform in the role of Coach at the ICANN meeting associated with this application. Simply request a paragraph or two from either an ICANN Community leader who is currently active in one of the ICANN S.O.'s, A.C.'s, SG's or Constituencies OR a member of your ICANN Regional staff. This is Not a bonded, stamped, embossed letterhead or in any way official letter of support; it is meant to provide confirmation that you are applying to the Fellowship Newcomer Coach Program for the right reasons, that you are genuinely interested and engaged in what is currently happening in the Internet Ecosystem and ICANN, in your region or globally and would like to perform this role. As the applicant, you will then take the paragraph(s) provided, paste onto a word document and upload to your application in the following formats: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .ppt, .pptx, .docx, or .doc.. This letter will be used by the independent selection committee to determine that you have continued to be engaged within ICANN and /or the Internet Community, that it is important for you to attend this particular meeting and that coaching will serve to be beneficial for you and the newcomers.

Using a LinkedIn Profile

This is not a required field but an option for you to share more about your work history. Your profile and any recommendations will be read by the Selection committee.

What is "SO" "AC", SG or Constituency within ICANN's Multistakeholder Community?

An "AC" is an Advisory Committee, an "SO" is a Supporting Organization, "SG" is a Stakeholder Group and Constituency is a separate community within a Stakeholder Group in the ICANN Multistakeholder structure. Examples are: GAC - Governmental Advisory Committee, gNSO - Generic Name Supporting Organization,

It is NOT a requirement to be a member of any of the ACs or SOs, though it is one of the considerations in the selection process. To learn more about the ICANN structure, please go to http://icann.org/en/about/.

Link to Post Meeting Report

An alternative method of providing the required post meeting report about the Fellowship Program that you just attended is to create a blog or write an article that you would publish publicly. If that is a method of communication that you use regularly, to publish to a known audience related to work that you are doing, this may be an option for you to consider.

Apply as a Newcomer Coach

Beginning with the ICANN 53 application process, alumni of the Fellowship may opt to apply as a Newcomer Coach. Eligible candidates must have successfully completed at least one fellowship program and includes those who have already used their 3x fellowships. This Coaching role does not count as a second or third fellowship; it is a separate option.

If a Coach candidate is not selected to perform that role; he/she may or may not be selected as a fellowship participant depending on the established terms and criteria for selection by the Fellowship committee and the status of other applicants.

Selection criteria for a Newcomer Coach includes, but is not limited to: overall knowledge of ICANN mission and Multistakeholder model; feedback from ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement Regional Team Member(s) and/or ICANN community leaders; previous experiences in the fellowship program that show aptitude for mentorship role; current role in ICANN if applicable; rationale for particular meeting attendance and overall awareness of IG related work in Internet ecosystem.