ICANN Fellowship Program

Fellowship Application ICANN68

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "SO" "AC", SG or Constituency within ICANN's Multistakeholder Community?

An "AC" is an Advisory Committee, an "SO" is a Supporting Organization, "SG" is a Stakeholder Group and Constituency is a separate community within a Stakeholder Group in the ICANN Multistakeholder structure. Examples are: GAC - Governmental Advisory Committee, gNSO - Generic Name Supporting Organization,

It is NOT a requirement to be a member of any of the ACs or SOs, though it is one of the considerations in the selection process. To learn more about the ICANN structure, please go to https://www.icann.org/get-started.

Link to Post Meeting Report

All Fellowship participants should submit a post-meeting report within four weeks after the ICANN Meeting. All reports should be submitted through the application system.