ICANN Meeting Fellowships

Fellowship Application ICANN63

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a LinkedIn Profile

This is not a required field but an option for you to share more about your work history. Your profile and any recommendations will be read by the Fellowship Selection Committee.

What is "SO" "AC", SG or Constituency within ICANN's Multistakeholder Community?

An "AC" is an Advisory Committee, an "SO" is a Supporting Organization, "SG" is a Stakeholder Group and Constituency is a separate community within a Stakeholder Group in the ICANN Multistakeholder structure. Examples are: GAC - Governmental Advisory Committee, gNSO - Generic Name Supporting Organization,

It is NOT a requirement to be a member of any of the ACs or SOs, though it is one of the considerations in the selection process. To learn more about the ICANN structure, please go to https://www.icann.org/get-started.

Link to Post Meeting Report

All Fellowship participants should submit a post-meeting report within four weeks after the ICANN Meeting. All reports should be submitted through the application system.