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The only way to apply for an ICANN Fellowship is through this online application system. All information requested in the application must be written in English, and embedded in the online form. The independent Selection Committee members come from different countries around the world, with English being their common language. If an application is completed in any other language than English, we cannot guarantee that the content will be read and/or understood for its original meaning.

Application must be submitted by the deadline date. You may leave the interface and come back later to complete the application; please remember to save before exiting.

You must re-apply for each ICANN meeting fellowship round. No exceptions. When you re-apply, you will be able to enter the system with your already established user id and password. This will allow you to review your most recent fellowship program application and make any modifications to this application before submitting it for the current round.

In the event that you have difficulty submitting your application, please try again using a different browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome) and/or operating system (Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux).

After your application is submitted, please allow up to 24 hours to receive an email confirmation from the application system. Do NOT resubmit or submit under a new email address as that will NOT help your chance to be selected. If 24 hours have passed and you have still not received an email confirmation for your application submission, please contact fellowships@icann.org and we will continue to investigate.

Please take careful note of the application closing date listed at https://www.icann.org/fellowshipprogram. Active but incomplete applications will NOT be considered once the system is closed.

An independent selection committee reviews eligible applications. The committee ranks each application according to the selection criteria found on the relevant links within the fellowship web page. Additional weight is given to eligible candidates who meet the minimum requirements of the program, and live in the region where the ICANN meeting is being held for that fellowship round. The Fellowship Program supports approximately 50 participants at each of the ICANN Public meetings.

All successful candidates are announced on the ICANN website, approximately 6 weeks after the online application closes; actual dates are located on the Fellowship web page. That is the only communication that all applicants will see. Successful candidates also receive a follow-up email and confirmation letter at the time of posting, which must be returned within a week of receipt declaring that they accept the fellowship. If a candidate does not accept the fellowship, an already established list of alternates will be used to fill the vacated position.

Beginning with the ICANN 53 application process, alumni of the Fellowship program, including those who have already used their 3x fellowships, may opt to apply as a Newcomer Coach. This Coach role does not count as a second or third fellowship; it is a separate option. If a Coach applicant is not selected to perform that role, he/she may or may not be selected as a fellowship participant depending on the established terms and criteria for selection by the Fellowship committee and the status of other applicants.

Selection criteria for a Newcomer Coach includes, but is not limited to: overall knowledge of ICANN mission and Multistakeholder model; feedback from ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement Regional Team Member(s) and/or ICANN community leaders; previous experiences in the fellowship program that show aptitude for mentorship role; current role in ICANN if applicable; rationale for particular meeting attendance and overall awareness of IG related work in Internet ecosystem.

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