ICANN Meeting Fellowships

Fellowship Application

Applying for an ICANN Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in participating at an ICANN Public Meeting through the ICANN Fellowship Program.

Please Note: the only way to apply for an ICANN Fellowship is through this online application system. All information requested in the application must be written in English, and embedded in the online form. The independent Selection Committee members come from different countries around the world, with English being their common language. If an application is completed in any other language than English, we cannot guarantee that the content will be read and/or understood for its original meaning.

Please take careful note of the application closing date listed at http://icann.org/en/fellowships/. Active but incomplete applications will NOT be considered once the system is closed.

If you have any questions regarding the application, please send to fellowships@icann.org.

Thank you and now please continue with your Fellowship application.